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It is over. He is gone. Missing. The man.

When there is no hope for man, will woman survive?

Being a man is behind.


..."просвещение или смерть, знание или вечная гибель, - другого выхода нет".<<27>> Братство людей зависит от знания, от его глубины и широты.<<28>>


Why do I place "techno" images on the webpages about posthumans? To help myself to write about the miracles we are surrounded -- to hel myself to see them!


"Спиритуалистическая, дуалистическая философия есть порождение Птоломеевского или кажущегося мироздания, в коем небо отведено духовным существам, а земля - телесным".<<29>> "Коперниканская система обращает человека из созерцателя в деятеля, а в мире видит слепую силу, признает мир силою слепою... Бог, по Коперниканской системе, есть Отец, не только делающий все для людей, но и через людей, требующий, как Бог отцов, от всех живущих объединения для воскрешения умерших и для населения воскрешенными поколениями миров для управления сими последними".<<30>> Fedorov, what does he say? (above) Very Marxist, we do not observe the universe, we are the participants. God is not for us, but throughout us, or, better say, "by us" -- or even US!


Part II.

Sorry, a lot of quotes in Russian, but I don't think Fedorov was even translated, or even re-published in Russian. Too crazy even for them. Who today would take the idea of resurrection seriously? Who would write about theology of technology? Only the newborn idiots.
I try to stay away from images, but how can I resist?


Yes, I want more, more pictures!
Now you know where I am. Let me tell you where you will be. Where we are going.

You don't remember it, the time before you were born. You don't remember your life, when you were a part of my body.

There is a birch tree outside I think so often about. It doesn't move. It grows and this is the only movement it knows. Well, sometimes the wind moves it branches and leaves. Yes, yes, it is alive, it's life. Even in the winter. I have to remember it.

Maybe you thought that I was artistic in the Book of Self, when I wrote about that I know the existence of everything. I was it -- the tree...

Being a woman is the most difficult for a man, even an ex-man like me. I am not sure about them, who change their sex -- sure, you can play it. This is not what I am talking about. I think that is difficult for a woman to become man no matter what they say otherwise. I was a boy, I remember it; can I be a child now? Not really. This is a state of being. Let me explain it. Since I am a woman now, let me be a feminist, let me be militant.

You see, before the existentialism, so-called "classical philosophy" talked about "humans" -- man is human, woman is human, I am human, you are human. Socratis is a man, Socratis is mortal, Anatoly is a man and so on. Stop and think for a second; what does it mean? What does it say? That we all are the same? It'sd like to state that we are all animals -- so what? Everything abstract is stupid, this "abstract thinking" has nothing to do with the true thinking; the real philosophy is always a deatiled knowledge, like true art. If we indeed what to understand something about ourselves, we should be precise -- and see the difference between man and woman.

The difference is staggering! In fact, men and women are not only from different planets, they are from different worlds! Let me tell as a woman: every time I see a man, I see an alien! I do not need the sci-fi stuff -- it everywhere! The very reason why the sexes are attracted to each other is because of this fascination with the difference! To be scientific, we shouldn't throw the name "human" around so easily. If woman is human, we must seriously think, if we can call man the same... Well, but we behave the same with children, we do not see their special separate quality and status.


... Of course, I didn't tell you many things in SELF and POV. I don't know if I can tell the secrets now....
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