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Fedorov: Божественное откровение закончено, и должно начаться человеческое дело. 2002. I am not working on my nonfiction. The "Russian Play" came upon me and keeps growing. Maybe because I didn't write in Russian for so long.
Diary of a Webman

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Contrary to my expectations, the web only adds to my problems -- the lack of organization. I have to make another title page and I making more pages than I need.

No, I do not equate technology with death. I simply try to point that there is a field to study -- between life and death.

The hard drive had it.

On my GeoAlaska site I had a page PostArt, this is how close I can get to the PopArt. I doupt that I will have time to do any special graphics for the book, but this very childish style (very PostAmerican) is the tone of the book.

Let me explain the Counter-Text Idea (Meyerhold, Eisenstein, Shklovsky, I don't remember, who introduced it first). You see some very serious text, like Resurrection or Death -- and clash it with the opposite. Dada and Surreaslism did it. It's coming into the commercial culture already, according to the logic of POMO.

I use it for my logos and banners, those graphics have their own directory (not images, or pix, or photos). For example:

Father-Russia There is lot of POMO in ideology, in some ways more than in advertising.
The outline on this page is different from the list of the pages in TECH directory. When I began writing, I thought that it will easy to write about myself and the world I lived in. Not so. The pages were resisting the mixture. Perhaps, I will not be able to do The Confessions, the real books, when telling my personal story can be the story of my time. Well, that is what I had in mind.

Eve's Monologue:

I came last. Almost as his child, their strange offspring. I came into somebody's else world. I was "his" and the world was his. What was mine? Everything, if he was mine. Was he?

Not the way I knew it. He was his own. And I was his.

If not for his needs, I won't be here. I wouldn't exist at all.


I am about to redo this and other nonfiction books as webdrama; instead of Part I -- Act I... Maybe I could finish "text-only" versions later, but web-books must have their forms!


"Общее свойство всех категорий действия - бессмертие. Вот почему разум получает значение не субъективное и не объективное, а проективное; и в этой-то проективной способности и объединяются теоретический разум и практический".<<17>>


Andreev seems to forget that, according to his previous arguments, concerning the bisexual nature of God, the intercourse and marriage of the two Divine hypostases constitutes the main mystery of the religion of the Rose of the World itself. This was in Andreev's own proposal for a future Eighth Ecumenical Council to revise the dogma of the Holy Trinity and to assert Femininity as one of the three hypostases, instead of the Holy Spirit: ". . .the eternal union between Father and Mother. . . and in this love, the Third is born: the Foundation of the Universe. Father--Eternal Virgin-Mother--Son" (6, 3, 121). Andreev: "The idea of World Femininity cannot but grow into the idea of the Female aspect of Divinity, and this naturally threatens to destroy the dogmatic ideas about the hypostases of the Holy Trinity" (6, 3, 120-121).



1. The contemporary humanity is divided into the learned and unlearned, the rich and poor. The common task is to restore the kinship and unity of the human kind.

2. People are brothers because they have one heavenly Father. Religion is the way to unification.

3. True religion is not an abstract faith in God the Father but the worship of all our fathers and forefathers since they gave life to us.

4. The common task of humanity is the resurrection of all previous generations. Brotherhood cannot be limited to the living but must include all generations.

5. The so-called progress is immoral because it consists in the swallowing up of the old by the new, in the displacing of the fathers by the sons.

6. The progress increases the force of death, the superiority of the living over the dead and of the young people over the old ones.

7. Death as an inevitability of nature is an insult to humanity. The project, called the Common Task, is directed toward overcoming death through technological advancement.

8. All natural laws, death being only one, must be reversed in order that humanity can manifest God's omniscience and omnipotence. Everything granted must be transformed into something crafted.

9. Contemporary civilization has procreative obsession, which has given rise to a feminized industry of conspicuous consumption oriented toward seduction.

10. History as a succession of generations, whereby the new supplants the old, must give way to a retrospective tendency that emphasizes immortality and the resurrection of ancestors.

11. "Supramorality" demands that sons return their debt of love to their fathers by resurrecting them. All technological resources must be dedicated to this task of preserving and revitalizing the remains of deceased fathers.

12. Christianity is primarily the religion of resurrection, which echoes the Orthodox privileging of Easter over all other holidays, icluding Christmas.

13. Man is called to worship God by literalizing through practice everything in Scripture that is usually interprete only in a spiritual sense, as symbols of another world.

14. The moral task of humanity is not to wait for the Last Judgement, but to follow the example set by Christ and endeavor to make bodily resurrection possible on the earth, to transform the entirety of human existence into a man-made and continuous Easter.

15. The museum, as a collection of the ancestors' remains, is the central cultural institution of humanity, which works also as a laboratory of resurrection science.

16. With the conquest of death and attainment of immortality, procreation becomes obsolete, and the focus of human history shifts to cosmic expansion, which is necessary to accomodate the innumerable resurrected generations of ancestors.

Бессмертие -- идея старая. Абстрактная, как и положено идее. Желанная? Жизнь вечная... Не знаю, не знаю.


"Русский Вариант" -- так называются книги, которые десять лет назад я начал писать по-английски.
I know that soon I have to say goodbye not only to myself, women, people and angels. Goodbye to my diaries, language and writing. How soon? This is not an easy to explain in the world beyond. Talking from the future has its own problems, my friends...
Смерть Вторая....


The first was my birth.




Part Three. MY 1995 DEATH

The map of reading.

The fourth segment of the book -- the NOTES (reading of writing). Bring in my other notes on writing? I had to die to start writing.

[ 2006. Ух, сколько лет прошло! Стоит ли даже перечитывать то, что было написано восемь лет назад? Да еще по-английски... ]

June 6, 1998. I started a new website DEATH BOOK. I see a lot of notes on this subject as if my mind discovers the answers in this field to all my questions. I worked on the chapter about the death of Haile Sellassie, an old man's death. His life was over, how else does one see death if not as welcomed visitor? What else is there to wait for? Life has its limitations, I found it to be repetitive -- another day of the same. You run out of desires -- that's what experience gives you. Perhaps, the only novelty left is death.

What preoccupies me is the thought -- why death was the altimate evil throughout the history -- or why it's not a negative event for me? Death was the last and best God's invention. Why you I say that the old asks for death? Why not the best? The end must be there for everything. Death shapes. There is no begining without the end pending.

I struggle with this book, because this is the last book and because I am not ready. In "Self" I wrote about woman being the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit being a woman. Now is time to how woman can be the Father and the son at the Age of the Holy Ghost. What do I mean by that?

Well, the nature of technology, its communial attributes and its silent message can't be masculine. The communism I spent so many pages talking about is feminine, it's not man's kingdom. I didn't dare to tell it all in "Father-Russia" (I thought that the irony on the title would be enough). I was a man and couldn't write about the Woman-Father or the Woman-Son. Mother, daughter, sister, wife -- that is what I knew when I was a man. I had to die first, before I can write about being a woman. Man has to die. Man is dead. Neitzsche wrote it over hundred years ago, but I took my time to understand him. I had to see in his writing what he didn't see.

My stories are not complete. Our stories are unfinished. Why didn't we ask how Mary can give a birth to God without being God? How could be ignore the death and resurrection? Of course, she was the death of the Father and that's how the Age of the Son came to be. And what is wrong with the man's death, if it leads to the Resurrection? How could we misread the reason for Eve to be? How could I be so blind?

That is why I wrote "POV" -- to learn how to listen to the silent language of visions. Now it time to to speak about the language of touch, smell and taste. Oh, you wonder what does it have to with the technology! I see. You still think that it is nothing more than "technology"! You would like to think that you are not an integral part of this machine, this gaint organism we still call "human race"....

Maybe it's time to learn about languages beyond words and visions.

What is there not to understand in what I am saying? That I seaze to exist as a man when I get in my car? Oh, you don't think so? You don't see that my sight and hearing are nothing but the intruments of the motion.... Well, remember this paragraph, when will have an accident.

And where am I a man? I am a child in the womb with light and wormth, with the food in my refergirator -- I do not have to be a man. Not any more. Or maybe sometimes, when the accident happends, when the Woman-God stops protecting me. I feel it, it's worm here, always worm. I probably would miss it, if not for years in Alaska. You can't miss it here. That is the new father for you, the motherly embrace of the Second Nature.

You do not see Woman as Son? Wait a minite! You are reading in on your computer sceen! What do you this the hardware and sofware are? What do you think this data and information that doesn't require a single man's brain is about? It's not not the old fashion knowledge, no! It's the BODY of knowledge. do you think that you, an individual, have a chance to fight it? Not, the nature, my friends, including the second nature. Not the woman.

Yes, she is about Touch, Smell and Taste. You forgot your first months -- that is what the world was for you. I understand that you want to pretend that you are in control and, of course, you can pretend that you are free. That is what they, the children, think....

Look, I am not a real American, I remember myself becoming an American. I remember my shock that American bathrooms smell so nice. The world I came from had bathrooms that smell bad, as they are supposed to smell. It was in the airport and the smell hit me the moment I opened the door. I didn't know where the smell was coming from. Only when I came closer, the smell became stronger, I discovered the source of it. It was there, where the urine goes -- and the water flashes it down the smell comes out of the small, almost nothing, a tablet, at the bottom -- and you do smell yourself anymore.

Should I speak about the taste of the womb? Should talk about this magic sparling water? In Georgia, USSR, I visited the mineral waters place with parents; there were so many people, because it was the special place and very special water. You can have this sparkling water any time now. It taste nice. You want to drink more. And more.

The second nature is designed to be nice to me. It's more nice that the first nature. It's so attentive to me and my needs. It has its own rules, but like mother it responds to everything I desire. The darkness turns into day the moment I walk in.... No, I never was treated this way by the Father.

And the God-Woman doesn't humiliate me, I still can be a man, if I want. I can the sports, the safe adventures and so on. But who would trade the love of mother and care you get? What for? The issue is solved, we passed into the New Age of the Comforter. We are in paradise....

I can tell why I, the Woman, do it. Because I love him. Because he is always my child, who needs me. Because there will no other cross for him, never! Because he is weak and the biggest his weakness is his strenth. Because he can't get hurt and I am here to watch him not to be get himself hurt. I wouldn't let him to hurt himself. Not again.

Nobody gets hurt now. Not here. Not when I am in control.

... It was on the flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks, it was late and the plane was almost empty. Nobody next to me, in front or behind. I was summer I could see the ocean, the mountain, the land below and I knew that we were about to land in an hour, but I felt that we will never do it. That I will continue to slide between the sky with the white childish clouds and the green earth. Forever. Everything I wanted before left me; I had no desire to tell something I didn't tell, to get, to do... I was free from myself. It lasted for eternity.

"We are approaching ..."

The sounds and the smell of the Alaska Air miracle machine came back...

NIKOLAI BERDYAEV (1874-1948): Ontologically, freedom precedes God and arises from nothingness, "non-ground." [ metaphysics of freedom ] Epstein

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