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... Staged Nonfiction? How does it look like? New Texts Online?

What do I see?


2009 and After -- Ethiopian Diaries
2008 -- russian diaries [en/ru] Decomposition of Russia? -- "no hero" heroes


Too many things I do not see. Too many substitutions. Too many general references. Too many holes.

Woman's Dreams


See etheatre, plot, story pages (new), which appeared because of the transition to drama...


The very idea of hero must be reconsidered.

Please, write the captions to pix! Please, search for images to assist the thoughts!


"Мы поймем Его лишь тогда, когда сами сделаемся многоедиными, или, точнее сказать, все-единым существом, и когда единство не будет выражаться в господстве, а самостоятельность личностей не будет проявляться во вражде, когда будет полная взаимность, взаимопонимание".<<14>> Fedorov

According to Fedorov, understanding of God is experiencing God, become together... and here is the problem: understanding each other doesn't breed self-understanding. On the contrary.

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... Project 2009.


All my books I would like to move closer to dramatic poetry. Something like Faust... Web is SHOW. A priori!
... First, they were becoming the short-stories, next -- the books got the plots.... becoming the scenes. How to call them -- Dramatis Personae, Characters? It's a nonfiction, but they were, are and will be the real people, -- so I decided to call them HEROES.

Some of them are well known, like Lucifer in POV. But some are known only to me. When I thought about "becoming a woman," I didn't know that naturally I will arrive to my mother. I write about myself, remember? So, here we have the two already -- her and me (in this stage of "It"). Two? Oh, you should reread SELF!

Read the Story or Plot pages, there are many characters, real and functional. Like Eve, for example.

What about the writers, the philosophers, the spirits?

5.15.03 -- my dreams in POV, my letters, which I won't sent to Esther -- in Tech?

No letters from her: could the story be told?

Girl and Boy
Maybe, it should be called "Girls and Boys" -- my children -- the boys and the girls.

Sure, I see them differently, my daughter and my son. How else?

Yes, I wanted a son; I was young, too young to get married. I was twenty....

The Boy: a long-story
I do it wrong, the wives. And I have my excuses -- I was a boy once. I was a young man. I was a man...

I was alive.

The Girl
Where did I get it? If you get a son, your woman loves you more than you love her, if you get a daughter... I have two sons, two daughters.

This is my mortal trail. And the grandchildren.

What I know about Death: My Grandmas and Grandpas
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Death of Osip and his wife Melany...

[ some existing images express my feelings about my life ]

List of Characters






[ in order of appearence ]

I am the place where they live.

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Next: dreams
Sophocles I have to bring in the members of the "Plato Club"; they are the voices, the inhabitants of my world. How to bring it all together, the images... this is why I have to write them, to use the reader's imagination. NTL, I have to mix words and graphics; some "heroes" are not even humans! Memories of moments in my life, they stay on their own, they are no less powerful than real events and people. It has to be like a children book, full of pictures...

I have many of them on my webpages: Dostoevsky and Camus, family members, but what is the logic of their connections? I know that there is a logic in my web-madness. I know it's there.

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Where are the poems? Haiku? Well, even on my class pages I still have no web-forms -- and this is after so many hours and days of labor!

sixth BMlast Images from my biomechanics files: I know that I like them because they express my sense of life, motion, emotion ...

I have no time to stop and feel it, I keep moving to the next images -- instead of writing it out. Not even notes, but notation...

"Time" is the major hero?

How does it look like? Different times...

Different colors, different shapes.