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Should I form web-books as shows (spectactle), with the characters, chapters-acts (scenes) = Epic Theatre like?
I already have some sorts of monologues and dialogues inside. Tech Title Page -- new portal to collect all the websites in one place. TV? No, I am not about to broadcast my pages, we are not there yet. Go to webcast: 3 Sisters


Oh, dreams! I thought that my writing and virtual theatre could find each other on the web...


Which images to include? Popova -- the 20th century's investigation of the mindscape.


No, I won't write manifestos; they are for more than one. Even if I am "many" -- I do not need to propogate, I need to investigate. Dreams are the spectacles in the theatre of one. And, as if in post-resurrection universe, no time -- I wake up in a few minutes, while in my dreams I went through many hours of experience.

"eTheatre" (Electronic Theatre); I changed it into "vTheatre" (Virtual)... There are many other names -- para-theatre, hyper-drama... Each time I talk about different attributes of this phenomena.

2006. Я до сих пор верю в этот идеальный театр. Не на моем веку, как говорится. Ах, этот "электронный", какой-то телепатический, никому не видимый, даже тебе самому, лишь ощущаемый...

Не знаю, "хорошо" ли действие....

Да при чем тут "хорошо"?


Virtual Theatre: eTheatre

"Theatre of One" -- do I understand that this is "God's Theatre"? And now we all are in this position.

What a spectacle!

There are very practical thoughts behind my metaphysics: it's doable, friends, the Resurrection. Yes, it takes a lot of time and labor, understanding and insights, but the technology is here!

That is why the Web and Net is here: millions and soon billions of independent and connected brain cells of Godhead. And the Second Nature with its machinary is here to serve. The Virtual Theatre is mixture of two live processes: online and live performance. We need to learn how the two work together, we have to make the border between them into a field of existance.

Too complicated? Yes, the simple is always the most complex.

It's okay, we have the time.


[ I don't know, when (if ever) I could arrive to the point of organazing my web-writing in the style of "performance" as I do with the I still digging -- with every new show, trying to explore another level of Virtual Theatre. Not so much on stage, on the Web. I left webcast behind; too technical, too time consuming, too little of new aesthetics. ]

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@2001-2004 eTheatre * The tail from Crowds for the Russian Diary:

... The crowd of gods, all. Hard to beleive.

Why? The times of the Greeks. All have their places...

Shakespeare and Chekhov. They struggle, influence others. They arfe real and have their our personal natures and qualities, hierarcy. The Old and the New...

They were mortals and they know our passions and weaknesses.

Thy can possess you, there presence is everywhere in the second, human, universe. The demons of history, the rulers of nations and families (relatives).

The uknown gods, invisible, nameless.

They favor one hero other the other... Вот оно, любимое юношей Антохиным, искусство. Линии, углы, разломанное все -- так и прожил жизнь, кусками. Одни разрывы. Поэтому и возраста у меня нет. А у кого он теперь есть? Зачем тебе театр, Антохин? Все давно театрализованно, даже в такой глуши, как Аляска. Вот и оказалось, что, как у актера, у тебя ничего кроме ролей нет. И души нет? А тут театр еще и электронный, двойне "ненастоящий"....