2007, 2008, 2009... Project Utopia


Did you read it, POV book?

Why not?

POV 1 or/and POV 2...

If you would read what I wrote, you might understand why I can't be serious anymore.

I cannot.


I reserved "ru" for my dreams.vtheatre.net, because American Dreams is here, I do not have to worry about THAT Utopia.

Obama is here, the earthly paradise is work on, I am not need here.

The other Utopia, Utopia that I try to save as Utopia, to save from becoming reality is my "Russian" Ideal"... Something I will take with me to Africa and to my grave.


Well, that much I can do for Russia, to name this aristocratic ideal after civilization that once were here, on the planet.


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Global (Globe) means cosmos' POV...

3rd season -- Fall 2011, LUL-5 -- I'll try my nonfiction on stage.

What will my web (virtual theatre) be doing then?

How do the two can merge?

... I must have this page "2011" -- and 2010?

Stories of a Man who defected from Utopia ... to save Utopia.
People's Paradise and MY Utopia

Project Utopia

... dreams.vtheatre.net and staged nonfiction?

LUL 3rd season

lul.sellassie.info -- 2011-2012

{ 2009 }

"2009 Pages" and old nonfiction on STAGE?

Nonfiction staged, something like film600?

Unknown "format" or even a new genre.


I have to have 2009 page almost in every directory! I do not know how else to make the turn!

... The TURN?

Wrong word! Cut!

I break with life. With Life! I reject it! I return to Utopia.

No, not USSR, but the childhood.

... from LUL-4 : diaspora.et : "signature shows" :

to LUL-5... Utopia Year [u21.us]

From american.vtheatre.net/2008 : final (American) notes -- I made this TECH directory a sub-domain america.vtheatre.net [ don't confuse with the America Book "Post-America" ]

Why not biz.vtheatre.net? The idea is very "American" -- for newamerican.us !

Do I still think that I will get to my Utopia Project [ u21.us = newrussian.org & newamerican.us ]?

I do not know. I do not know a lot. Mostly about myself and my own life.

So, let it be "Theology of Technology" as america.vtheatre.net !

...read my blogs and "2009" pages!

One more "2009" page! How many of them did I make last month? [06.06.09]